Cop Kisses Woman and Joins Her In Back Seat: Investigation

By Alex Steele Sep5,2023 #Maryland #Police

Police have launched an investigation into a viral video of a cop kissing a woman and joining her in the backseat of a police cruiser.

Here’s What Happened

A Maryland police officer has seemingly been caught making out with a woman outside his patrol car before the two got in the backseat together in a park.

A viral video depicting a police officer in Maryland engaged in intimate activity with an unidentified woman inside a department cruiser has prompted an investigation by the local police department.

The video, initially posted on Instagram and TikTok and subsequently shared across various platforms, shows a uniformed officer appearing to share a kiss with the woman.

Following this, they both enter the backseat of the officer’s marked SUV. The video abruptly ends after a few more seconds.

Kids can he heard and seen running nearby the couple. 

The officer in the footage has not been identified, and it’s not clear when the video was taken.

A group of men can be heard in the background speaking Spanish as they judge the scene.

One says: ‘Look! Look! He’s taking her to the car!’

Another adds: ‘He’s an animal, the bald cop!’ 

The Prince George’s County Police Department acknowledged the existence of the footage in a statement released on Twitter and Facebook, stating, “PGPD Executive Command is aware of a video circulating on social media featuring one of our officers. We initiated an investigation as soon as we became aware earlier today to ascertain the circumstances. Additional information will be disclosed once the investigation is completed and confirmed.”

According to a report by WJLA, the video is believed to have been recorded near Oxon Hill High School in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

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2 thoughts on “Cop Kisses Woman and Joins Her In Back Seat: Investigation”
  1. 1. The Hispanic males could be heard saying, “Look, he’s doing what the cops back home do.”
    2. Were they locked in the backseat??? Rear passenger doors on police vehicles automatically lock.
    3. Was the officer merely trying to enhance police-community “relations”??

  2. Well democrat governors and mayors won’t
    allow them to arrest criminals, and when they do, the criminals are let out the same day with no cash bail, so what else are they to do? the real crimes are committed by the politicians, governors and mayors in blue states and cities that don’t give a damn about the laws unless their used on republicans, conservatives and parents trying to protect their kids from government education mobsters.

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