Chuck E. Cheese Removes All Animatronics Except One Location

Amid the release of the “Five Nights Of Freddy’s” film, all Chuck E. Cheese locations except for one are removing all of their animatronics.

The film is based on the popular video game franchise where a security guard has to survive five nights at Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizzeria.

At the same time, the animatronic characters come to life and attempt to kill him. Three weeks after the film’s release, Chuck E. Cheese announced they would remove the animatronics from all their locations except one in California.

“Speaking alongside fellow members of the Make Believe Band — featuring Mr. Munch on keyboards, Jasper T. Jowls on guitar, Helen Henny on vocals, and Pasqually on drums — Chuck E. revealed that they’ll be headlining an exclusive, permanent residency at the Northridge Chuck E. Cheese. Northridge will become the nation’s only Chuck E. Cheese fun center to feature an original animatronic band, and the totally modern upgrade and experience for guests, making it a destination for fans of all ages – past and present,” the statement reads.

The statement also said that over 400 locations would be renovated with new enhancements such as an interactive dance floor, a video wall and screens, “kid-focused” arcade games, and trampoline zones in select fun centers.

“As an important part of the legacy of the brand, we know that the animatronic band holds a special place for many fans in their childhood memories. We want our fans to know that the decision to keep the band here is meant as a gesture of love and gratitude as our legacy continues to evolve in new ways,” said David McKillips, President and CEO of Chuck E. Cheese parent company, CEC Entertainment.

Social media users also reacted to the news and said the some of the animatronics were scarier than the ones from Five Nights At Freddy’s.

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