Childen Removed From Camp After Suspicious Death of 12-year-old

New details have emerged in what authorities are calling a “suspicious” death of a 12-year-old boy at a North Carolina wilderness therapy camp for troubled teens.

The Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office executed two search warrants as part of its investigation into the boy’s death at Trails Carolina less than 24 hours after he enrolled. The warrants include affidavits revealing the shocking scene first responders encountered when they arrived Feb. 2.

Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office Det. John Nicholson told Fox News Digital Trails Carolina “has not completely cooperated” with the investigation, although the camp insists it has done everything it can do.

Authorities revealed in the warrant, obtained by Fox News Digital, what they say the camp is keeping from them.

When responders arrived at the camp, the boy was lying face up in a CPR mask on the floor of a bunk house. His knees were bent, his arms were on his chest and his body was “cold to the touch,” the warrant stated. He was wearing a hoodie and T-shirt, but his pants and underwear lay next to his shoulder. Detectives also noted discoloration of the boy’s skin and possible bruising near the eyes.

Camp counselors told detectives they didn’t know why the boy wasn’t wearing pants or underwear.

“Once they rolled the body, [the boy] began to foam at the mouth, which could’ve indicated that he had ingested some sort of poison,” the document explained.

Authorities said a camp staffer assigned to watch the boy described him in an interview as being “loud and irate.”

Between 12 a.m. and 12:30 a.m., on Feb. 2, the boy experienced a panic attack as two counselors “stood along a wall,” according to authorities’ interviews with camp staff members. Counselors told detectives they also checked on the boy at 3 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. before finding him dead around 7:45 a.m.

Authorities sought to speak with other children present around the time of the boy’s death, but Trails Carolina declined to let detectives see them.

“Trails Carolina staff refused to allow us to speak with any juveniles on sight as well as see them,” the warrant said. “They also refused to give out any of the juveniles’ names or date of births, or any other information as well.”

The warrant stated that social workers were likewise turned away when trying to speak with the children who could hold crucial information as to how the boy died.

“DSS was provided with first names of the juveniles but nothing else. When they attempted to ascertain the whereabouts of these juveniles, they refused to disclose the locations of them.”

The FBI is assisting the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation, a spokeswoman confirmed to WBTV. The case is being investigated as possible manslaughter.

A Trails Carolina spokesperson told Fox News Digital the organization is aware of the warrant.

“The search warrant document contains misleading statements; there are details we will not address at this time out of respect for the family and the investigation that is still underway. Children were moved from the area to protect them from seeing what was happening, not to avoid investigators,” the spokesperson said. “We are a mental health facility treating children with severe, complex mental health diagnoses. Not moving children from the area would have harmed their mental well-being.”

The spokesperson added that Trails maintains there is no evidence of criminal conduct or suspicious acts based on all information available to the organization and statements from involved agencies.

“Trails and all related personnel have not been charged with any crimes. Knowing the truth about what caused the loss of this young boy’s life is what matters, and we eagerly await the report by the chief medical examiner,” the spokesperson said.

Now, more than a week later, state officials have told the camp to pause new admissions and take steps to ensure children’s safety during the investigation.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services will require unlimited and unannounced access to Trails Carolina by local Department of Social Services (DSS) staff, law enforcement and state investigators, according to a letter obtained by Fox News Digital.

Trails Carolina told Fox News Digital in response to the order it will “continue to support current students and families in their personal growth and equip them with the confidence and tools they need to continue their healing journey.”

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  1. So with the kids that may have seen something being moved and not questioned makes it look like they’re covering something up. I can’t imagine the poor parents of this child getting that call, my heart goes out to them. The part about his pants and underwear being off and by his shoulder really makes you wonder what goes on at this place. This so called camp needs to be investigated top to bottom. something isn’t right. We have all heard of kids that end up dead at these places so I would think cameras would be required everywhere.

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