CEO Killed In Freak Accident

Footage from a tech show in India shows a tragic incident in which a tech CEO fell to his death during what was designed to be an elaborate, flashy entrance.

Terrible Accident At Company Party

Sanjay Shah, the CEO of Vistex Asia, died on Thursday in an accident at the company’s 25th-anniversary celebrations in Hyderabad. The freak accident took place when an iron cage contraption, carrying Mr Shah and company president Vishwanath Raju Datlaa, collapsed during an unconventional stunt.

700 people gathered at the venue to watch the ariel show.

The CEO, 56, arranged accommodations for its staff at Ramoji Film City and had planned a two-day celebration for its silver jubilee. “Shah and Raju being lowered from the cage onto the dais was a planned event to kickstart the celebrations,” a company official told The Times of India.

During a high-spirited moment of the event with fireworks illuminating the stage, the iron chain supporting the cage broke on one side, resulting in it falling on them.

This resulted in the cage crashing onto the concrete below with Shah and Datla falling from the cage onto the stage. Emergency services were reportedly immediately called to the scene and both men were transported to the hospital. Shah succumbed to his injuries while Datla is reported to be in a serious condition, according to the outlet.

Officials at the venue in Ramoji Film City blamed the deadly mishap on a snapped wire holding the cage, but an investigation is ongoing.

Vistex is an Illinois-based company. Shah, originally born in India, moved to the U.S. and secured his MBA from Lehigh University in 1989. He founded Vistex, an advisory service company, 10 years later in 1999.

Today, the company’s client list includes companies like GM, Yamaha, and Coca-Cola, according to the Post.

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