Cantelope Recall Issued After 100 People Get Sick

U.S. health officials expanded the recall of whole and pre-cut cantaloupes on Friday as the count of individuals affected by salmonella infections more than doubled this week.

The number of people falling ill from the tainted fruits has reached nearly 100 across 32 states. Arizona, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio are reporting the highest instances.

In Minnesota, two fatalities are linked to the infections, with 45 people hospitalized nationwide.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s initial recall covered Malichita brand whole cantaloupe, Vinyard brand pre-cut cantaloupe, and ALDI whole cantaloupe and pre-cut fruit products.

On Friday, Rudy brand whole cantaloupes and Freshness Guaranteed brand and RaceTrac brand pre-cut cantaloupes were added to the list.

Health officials advise those who purchased the recalled fruits to discard them and cleanse surfaces that came into contact with the cantaloupes using hot, soapy water or a dishwasher.

Salmonella-infected individuals typically experience diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps within six hours to six days after consuming contaminated food.

The illness usually lasts for four to seven days.

Vulnerable individuals, such as children, those over 65, and those with compromised immune systems, may develop severe illnesses necessitating medical attention or hospitalization.

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