Cafe Waitress Tipped $100,000 By Kind Customer

Staffers at a Michigan restaurant were floored after finding a $10,000 tip left on a recent bill — and stunned to learn of the reason behind the generous gift.

“Typically, we’ll see every now and then $100 [tips],” Tim Sweeney, the manager of Mason Jar Cafe’s manager in Benton Harbor told The Hill. “But not ever anything of this gratitude or magnitude.”

It was two Mondays ago that the overly generous patron, identified as only Mark, left the 30,835% tip on his $32.43 tab.

A mystery customer left a $10,000 tip at a small town restaurant in Michigan. The Hill

Sweeney was hit with “absolute disbelief” when he saw the receipt — the restaurant didn’t reveal who waited on him — and ran over to speak with the generous customer.

“We went back and forth. I had a conversation with him. He wanted to proceed,” the manager said.

The customer revealed an incredibly sad reason for leaving the tip. The Hill
The customer revealed an incredibly sad reason for leaving the tip. The Hill

It was then that Mark revealed the sorrowful reason for his unexpected gift.

“It was in memory of a friend who had recently passed and he was in town for the funeral,” waitress Paige Mulick explained.

“It was just really an act of kindness that impacted so many people,” she said.

The restaurant opted to split the outrageous tip nine ways amongst coworkers. Each took home a little over $1,100.

Mulick, a recent college graduate who is putting her cut toward student loans, also cheered that “so many incredible women working that day, so many hardworking mothers…just who really deserve this.”

“We work hard. We know that some days you’re going to make more and some days you’re going to make less,” she added.

“A little bit goes a long way. In this situation, a lot goes a long way.”

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