Burger King Offers Free Whoppers After Wendy’s Dynamic Pricing Flop

Burger King is offering free Whoppers in wake of the controversy relating to Wendy’s ‘dynamic pricing’ comments.

According to PEOPLE, Burger King announced that Wednesday through Friday, customers are eligible for a free Whopper or Impossible Whopper with a purchase of at least $3 on the company’s mobile app.

Per the publication, the deal can be redeemed once per day through the “Offers” tab on either Burger King’s official website or the Burger King mobile app.

The offer comes shortly after Wendy’s announced it would be implementing “dynamic pricing” in 2025.

“We don’t believe in charging guests more when they’re hungry,” Burger King wrote in the press release obtained by PEOPLE. “Surge pricing? Well, that’s new. Good thing the only thing surging at BK is our flame!”

While some initially believed prices could rise during busy hours because of the new system, Wendy’s later clarified that it “would not raise prices when our customers are visiting us most.”

“We said these menu boards would give us more flexibility to change the display of featured items. This was misconstrued in some media reports as an intent to raise prices when demand is highest. We have no plans to do that,” the company stated.

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