Boy Dances On Stripper Pole With Woman At Gay Pride Event

By It's On News Staff Aug25,2022
A young boy was seen holding onto a stripper pole with a scantily-clad woman at North Carolina's gay pride event, many claim "child abuse."

A little boy was seen holding onto a stripper pole with a scantily-clad woman at North Carolina’s gay pride event, causing many to say it is “child abuse.”

Gay Pride Event

Charlotte, North Carolina, held their annual gay pride event on August 20-21 after two years of a pandemic hiatus. Charlotte’s first gay pride day was in 1981, and the first gay pride event was in 2001.

The organizers stated that more than 200,000 people showed up in their last in-person event in 2019, the Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade. The event’s sponsors were PNC Bank, Bank of America, Truist Bank, Lowe’s Home Improvement, McDonald’s, and Equitable, among many others.

According to the event website, “Charlotte Pride presents and collaborates on programs, projects, and activities, including the annual Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade, Charlotte Latinx Pride, Charlotte Trans Pride, Charlotte Women’s Pride, Charlotte Pride Interfaith Programs, and Reel Out Charlotte, The Queen City’s Annual LGBTQ Film Festival, among others.”

Stripper Pole Dancing … For Kids?

Libs of Tik Tok releases footage of the “family-friendly” event that featured a stripper pole.

The scantily clad woman is seen holding the little boy up onto the stripper pole with the child in her arms, who is also holding onto the pole.

Many outraged parents are calling Charlotte’s gay pride stripper pole – child abuse.

Video Outrage

Twitter users reacted negatively on Thursday to the viral videos and photos of a young boy on a stripper pole at the gay pride event.

Charlotte’s pride event is another entry in a long series of pride events where children are exposed to overtly sexualized content.

Many conservatives on social media expressed outrage over the video, including Republican political operative Matt Mackowiak who called it “child abuse.”

You can see the full video of the boy dancing on the pole with a grown woman and other extremely non-family-friendly happenings, here. Viewer discretion is seriously advised.

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