Biden’s ‘Hate’ Speech

By Kate Striker Sep2,2022
Joe Biden delivered a dictator-style ‘hate’ speech Thursday saying Republicans are an extreme threat to America and democracy is under assault.

Joe Biden delivered a dictator-style ‘hate’ speech Thursday saying Republicans are an extreme threat to America and democracy is under assault.

Biden Attacks Millions of Americans

President Biden delivered an official White House speech outside Independence National Historical Park in Philadephia, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, where he took aim at President Trump, MAGA followers, and Republicans. His aides called his speech the continued “battle for the soul of the nation.”

Biden portrayed former President Trump and MAGA Republicans as an “extremism that threatens the very foundation of our Republic”, making both Democrats and Republicans wonder if Biden’s divisive comments are because he feels Trump may run again.

Here are a few things Biden said during his speech that upset viewers:

  • MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution and the rule of law, and do not recognize the will of the people.
  • MAGA forces are determined to take this country backward where there’s no right to choose, no right to privacy, and promotes authoritarian leaders.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the media that Biden’s speech wasn’t a “political speech,” although Biden bashed President Trump and Republicans. CNN’s correspondent Kaitlan Collins stated it was a “full-frontal attack” on Biden’s foes.

Prior to his speech, the White House stressed that Biden’s address on Thursday would be optimistic and not political. However, this didn’t match his actions because of Biden calling on voters to unite against “Make America Great Again” Republicans regardless of their own ideology, urging Americans to vote for Democrats to ‘protect democracy’ in November.

According to an article by the Washington Post, people who identify as Republican are about 45 percent of Americans.

American citizens noticed he did not address the 40-year high inflation.

Americans Criticize Biden’s Speech

People from all over the country have criticized Biden’s divisive speech.

Ben Shapiro, Host of the Ben Shapiro Show, remarked Biden’s speech was the most demagogic and divisive speech from any President.

This person reposted a Tik Tok video from a Republican immigrant who spoke of his concerns when Biden called millions of Americans extremists and a threat. Earlier in the week, Biden also said Republicans wouldn’t stand a chance against the government’s AR-15s in defending the country from tyranny.

This tweet was a reminder of when anti-Trump supporters destroyed parts of America in 2017 when Trump was president.

Blood Red Background and Marines

Many people reported feeling uneasy about the blood-red colored background as he bashed about half of America’s citizens.

Fox News pointed out the ‘blood red’ background in a tweet, below.

News outlets pointed out the use of Marines at Biden’s speech.

According to reports, the 1939 Hatch Act curtails the political activities of civilian federal employees and draws a line between the work of federal employees in public service and using them for political purposes.

Even a CNN reporter pointed out that marines aren’t supposed to be used in political speeches.

The Marine Corps forbids personnel from being used or participating in political events.

Transcript of Speech

Read a transcript of Biden’s speech here. You can read the “Remarks by President Biden on the Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation” here.

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