Biden Wins Prize For Lowest SOTU Nielsen Ratings

Biden had a hard time drawing in a crowd on Tuesday’s State of the Union address, resulting in the lowest rating in 30 years.

Biden Can’t Draw a Crowd

Well, he didn’t actually win a prize (I made that up), but it was definitely a noteworthy time in American history.

An estimated 27.3 million people watched President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on television, the second smallest audience for the annual event in at least 30 years, the Nielsen company said on Wednesday.

It was also down nearly 28% from the 38.2 million people who saw Biden’s address in 2022.

A poll by CNN found 72 percent of Americans reacted positively to Biden’s speech, and 41 percent said their reaction was very positive. Biden’s positive reaction was lower than former Presidents Trump, Obama, and Bush in the third year of their presidency.

The Data Speaks For Itself

According to Nielsen data,

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address drew an estimated 27.3 million viewers, a drop of 29% from last year, according to Nielsen.”

That figure is the lowest audience for a SOTU in at least 30 years, according to Nielsen records. Biden’s 2021 speech to a joint session of Congress drew 26.9 million, but that event, coming just a couple months into his presidency, was not an official State of the Union speech.

The Nielsen figures were measurements of 16 TV networks. Last year, 38.2 million watched across 16 networks.

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the people who watched Biden’s speech were 55 and older, Nielsen said. Only 5% were young adults under age 35.

As reported by NBC News, “Biden’s largest audience came on Fox News Channel, where the speech was seen by 4.69 million people, Nielsen said. ABC had 4.41 million viewers for Biden, NBC had 3.78 million, CBS had 3.64 million, MSNBC had 3.55 million, CNN had 2.4 million, and the Fox broadcast network had 1.66 million.”

Trump VS. Biden

Since Biden’s State of the Union, people have compared his Neilsen ratings to former President Trumps:

State of Union TV Ratings President Trump:

2017 — 48 Million

2018 — 45.6 Million

2019 — 46.8 Million

2020 — 37.2 Million

State of Union TV Ratings President Biden:

2022 – 38 Million

2023 – 27.3 Million (the lowest audience in 30 years, according to Nielsen)

Nielsen began collecting data with former President Bill Clinton’s first address to Congress in 1993, which drew 66.9 million viewers.

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  1. The 72% that reacted positive to Biden’s speech were definitely Democrats. Once a dumb Democrat always a dumb Democrat. They all need to move to China. We will not miss any of them.

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