The US president, Joe Biden, will meet King Charles III in London, UK for the first time since he was crowned King.

The US president, Joe Biden, will meet King Charles III in London, UK for the first time since he was crowned King.

U.S. President And King To Meet

US President Joe Biden will meet King Charles III and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak when he visits the UK next week.

The visit will be the first time he has met Charles since he was crowned, with the  president having sent his wife, Dr Jill Biden, to the coronation. 

Downing Street said the visit reflected the “strong relationship” between the UK and US, after the White House confirmed the trip.

Biden’s trip to London in July forms just one stop on a tour that is centered on a summit of the NATO military alliance.

There will not be any Buckingham Palace banquet or 82-gun salute as there was four years ago when President Donald Trump was honored with a full state visit, according to the Daily Mail.

The apparently short trip by Biden comes after the US and the UK announced a new partnership, the ‘Atlantic Declaration’, to bolster economic security.

World Leaders Solidify Relationship

Queen Elizabeth’s meetings with 13 U.S Presidents were often talked about as key milestones in her iconic 70-year reign. King Charles is beginning his relationship as monarch with America’s leaders as he is set to welcome President Biden to the UK next week.

“The King will meet the President of the United States of America at Windsor Castle on Monday 10th July,” the Palace said in a statement. The White House said that the meeting was intended to “further strengthen the close relationship between our nations.”

President Biden and the First Lady attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last September and the First Lady represented the U.S at the King’s coronation in May.

Downing Street said that Mr Biden’s upcoming visit “reflects the strong relationship” between the UK and the US.

The visit to the UK comes less than a month after the 80-year-old leader bemused a crowd at a speech in New England by saying: ‘God save the queen, man.’

Biden Has A Heavy Travel Schedule

A statement released by the White House said Mr Biden would be visiting the UK, Lithuania and Finland from July 9 to 13.

“President Biden will first travel to London, United Kingdom for engagements with King Charles III and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to further strengthen the close relationship between our nations.”

He will arrive in Britain on July 9 before heading to the Baltic two days later for talks likely to focus on Russia and the Ukraine war.

The President will then travel to Vilnius, Lithuania, from July 11-12 to attend the 74th Nato Summit.

On his final day, July 13, he will visit Helsinki, Finland, for a US-Nordic Leaders Summit, where the focus of the talks is expected to be the Russia-Ukraine war.

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