Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained at German Airport

Arnold Schwarzenegger was reportedly detained and interrogated “under tax law” by German customs officials at the Munich Airport for several hours earlier today. German outlet BILD reported the news, publishing photos of the former California governor in the customs office.

Officials apparently objected to Schwarzenegger carrying a luxury Audemars Piguet watch in his luggage, which he neglected to declare. The item was intended to be auctioned off tomorrow at a charity dinner to kick off the Austrian World Summit for climate change in Kitzbühel.

Schwarzenegger arrived in Munich from Los Angeles around 1:45 p.m. local time. While coming through customs, he was subjected to “a suspicion-free check,” during which officials discovered the timepiece.

“We have initiated criminal tax proceedings. The watch should have been registered because it is an import,” Thomas Meister, spokesperson for the main customs office in Munich, told BILD.

It seems likely that officials may have been making an example of Schwarzenegger, as some of the details read straight from one of his movies. He was reportedly detained for close to three hours while officers checked the remainder of his luggage. The German outlet reported that the star was initially easy-going with the process, but as it drew on and he became late for his connection to Kitzbühel, he grew impatient.

Officers allegedly pelted Schwarzenegger with deeply personal questions, quizzing him about his children, his net worth, and how much liquid cash he has in the bank. “Schwarzenegger is said to have asked why the officials needed to know this. But the officers allegedly insisted that he answer the questions,” according to BILD, who also noted that “the actor has called in his lawyers.”

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