Amish Family Visits Walmart, Gets Horse and Buggy Stolen

It is not your typical police-blotter vehicle theft: An Amish family in Sturgis, Michigan, went shopping at Walmart and emerged to discover that somebody had stolen their horse and buggy while they were shopping, reports Fox 2 Detroit.

Luckily, a truck driver parked in the store’s parking lot witnessed the theft and gave police a description of a female suspect, according to a news release.

Later that evening, police recovered the horse (unharmed) and buggy, and arrested a 31-year-old woman at a nearby motel. “I don’t know why she did it,” Sgt. Aaron Moore of the Sturgis police tells the Guardian.

“I’ve never had (an) Amish horse and buggy stolen in my 20 years” as an officer, he added. The unidentified woman faces charges of larceny and larceny of livestock.

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One thought on “Amish Family Visits Walmart, Gets Horse and Buggy Stolen”
  1. This woman is a complete loser to do something like this. Served no purpose and should seriously be in jail. I’m sure with the democrat pathetic judges she’s out with no consequences.

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