More Americans have considered bulletproofing their cars because of the rise in crime nationwide.

Here’s Why

Shaken by crime spikes and a creeping sense of lawlessness, more Americans are having their vehicles bulletproofed than ever, insiders told The Post.

Armormax is an armorer that bulletproofs cars for foreign diplomats and corporate CEOs. But in an interview with the New York Post, Armormax’s Mark Burton said that the Utah-based company is fielding orders to bulletproof cars for residents of cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, and Las Vegas.

“It’s been pretty shocking,” said Mark Burton of Utah-based Armormax, one of the world’s largest auto bulletproofing companies. “I would say it really started about 18 months ago. It used to be politicians and CEOs. Almost all international. Now we ‘re bulletproofing Honda Accords.”

“I think post-COVID things changed,” he told The Post. “Big city crime, road rage, shootings, carjackings. I drive my car down to The Strip every day, there’s been a lot of incidents here. I feel safer. It was well worth it and I would do it again.”

Armormax was founded in 1993 in Ogden, Utah. The company centered on clients from Mexico, where kidnappings in the 90s prompted the rich and famous to protect themselves by bulletproofing their glass.

Their services soon expanded to clientele in Nigeria, South Africa, and the Middle East. The company opened a plant in Atlanta in 2021, and has plans to build three more.

Most recently, demand surges at home.

Burton said vehicular mayhem is more visible than ever because of social media.

Just this week, an upstate New York woman was shot dead in her car after making a wrong turn down a private driveway.

Earlier this month, a 5-year-old Bay Area girl traveling down a freeway with her parents was tragically killed after a random bullet pierced their car.

Recurring clients have come from cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, Atlanta, and New Orleans. Chicago is another recurring locale; the Windy City was the scene of raucous lawlessness over the weekend.

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  1. Chinese are ecstatic with the aftermath of COVID-19. They could not be happier with the permanent damage it inflicted on Americans and how Fauci and the biden administration assisted in making it even worse.

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