Amazon Worker’s Attempted Murder Charge Against Coworker After Bad Joke

By Alex Steele Oct21,2023 #Amazon #Fighting

An Amazon employee is recovering after police said he was attacked by another employee inside a warehouse in Nevada last week.

Amazon’s Fiery Exchange Almost Leads To Death

Kenneth Durhal was arrested on Oct. 13 and is facing charges of battery with a deadly weapon and attempted murder following an altercation at an Amazon warehouse the day before.

According to court documents, the incident happened on the 6400 block of E. Howdy Wells Ave. in Las Vegas at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 12.

According to a police report, the man told detectives he was walking past Durhal with a female employee as they were going to break when he made a joke about Durhal’s braids, causing the woman and others nearby to laugh.

The man said he believed Durhal was upset that he made fun of him in front of everyone and they were about to “hash out” what just occurred.

Durhal waved him over to the bathrooms/locker rooms, and asked him to go into the locker room to chat. Durhal allegedly retrieved a box cutter from his locker.

The locker room and bathroom were connected, and the two men went to the latter, where they got into an argument.

The victim alleged that Durhal pulled out the box cutter during the argument and began striking and cutting the victim with it.

Police said the victim claimed to have pushed Durhal and punched him in self-defense before Durhal put him in a headlock and threatened to kill him.

Investigators reportedly spoke to a witness who heard Durhal say, “I’m going to end this fool.”

Durhal allegedly asked to take the confrontation outside, but bystanders intervened and told the victim to stay inside until police arrived. Investigators secured surveillance video and evidence from the scene, including blood swabs.

The victim claimed he received lacerations to his neck and head.

Durhal was released under the condition that he would stay out of trouble and have no contact with the man. He was also ordered to be monitored through the Pretrial Compliance Unit before his next court appearance on October 31.

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