7th Student Dead This Year at NC University

N.C. State University announced a student has been found dead on campus apartments, E.S. King Village Apartments, the 7th so far.

Campus officials said the student was found in the E.S King Village Apartments, which is an on-campus housing complex for students, faculty, and staff living with family members.

The death was reported Wednesday night at an apartment community for graduate students, postdocs, older undergrads, and students with families.

The death marks the seventh student that has died since the start of the 2022-2023 school year, for example, in October and early November, N.C. they faced a cluster of student suicides. In January, first-year student Adam Fawcett was found dead in his Wood Hall dorm. No signs of foul play were found in Fawcett’s death, the chief says.

N.C. State Police Department does not suspect foul play or suicide, and the cause of death is currently unknown. The student’s name has not been released.

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