People celebrate Christmas on December 25. It’s a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon.

5 Weird Christmas Traditions in America

Christmas is a time for celebration and joy and the perfect time for families to come together and share some unusual traditions – but not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way.

Families across America sometimes celebrate Christmas in a weird way.

Some of the most unusual Christmas traditions are making an ice cream tree or having a white elephant gift exchange.

Other odd and interesting Christmas traditions include decorating a shoe for St. Nicholas Day, making a Yule log cake, or singing carols around the piano.

But perhaps the strangest of all American Christmas traditions is the “Christmas Pickle,” which involves hiding a pickle ornament in the tree. Traditionally, the ornament is supposed to be hidden somewhere on the tree, and the first child to find it receives an extra present, but it’s unclear where this tradition started.

Weirdness Around The World

Here are five weird Christmas traditions from around the world:

In Austria, it is customary for single women to place a sprig of rosemary under their pillows on Christmas Eve in hopes of dreaming of their future spouse;

In Finland, Santa Claus visits the country by riding on a goat instead of a sleigh.

In Catalonia, Spain, children leave out their shoes by the fireplace before bedtime on Christmas Eve so that they can receive small presents.

In Iceland, children leave out food and water for 13 Yule Lads who visit from December 12th-24th and reward those who have been good with gifts.

In Germany, an evergreen wreath is hung up outside people’s homes to bring good luck throughout the upcoming year.

While these traditions may seem strange, odd, or weird to some, they all have unique histories and meanings behind them that make them incredibly special.

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