$200K Scratch Off Winner To Help Homeless With Winnings

Barry Shipp, a resident of NC, is channeling a significant portion of his $200,000 lottery win to his nonprofit organization, Pivot Point.

Man Helps Humanity With Lottery Winnings

In a rare and heartening act of charity, Barry Shipp, a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and a U.S. Navy veteran, has decided to channel a hefty portion of his $200,000 lottery win into his nonprofit organization, Pivot Point.

“I started a nonprofit called Pivot Point where I help build shelters for the homeless,” he said. “I can really put this win to good use.

“I really only buy tickets once in a blue moon. I just do it for enjoyment,” Charlotte resident Barry Shipp, who has a passion for helping the homeless, said after winning a $200,000 top prize from a scratch-off ticket.

Shipp bought his $5 Pot of Gold ticket from the Kangaroo Express on East WT Harris Boulevard.

Shipp said when he first scratched his ticket, he thought he read it wrong.

“I saw a zero and another zero and another and I said, ‘Wait a minute, this can’t be right,’” Shipp recalled.

He arrived at lottery headquarters Tuesday to claim his prize and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $143,001.

“This is just a day in paradise,” Shipp said.

Pivot Point focuses on the construction of transitional houses for the homeless—an initiative deeply personal to Shipp, who himself has grappled with homelessness.

Having once lived without a secure place to sleep, he understands the transformative impact of a safe shelter. His mission, thus, is not just about providing a roof over people’s heads, but about restoring their dignity and offering them a stepping stone towards a better life.

With the funds from his lottery win, Shipp plans to expand his project by creating a ‘village’ for the homeless. This will not just offer a secure place to sleep for those without income, but also a sense of community and belonging.

In addition to helping the homeless, he plans to pay some bills with his winnings.

Shipp’s story serves as a potent reminder that true wealth lies not in what we possess, but in what we give.

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