Teen Female Gang Raped By 6 German Tourists

By Alex Steele Jul17,2023 #Spanish #Tourists

Spanish police have arrested six German tourists for allegedly raping an 18-year-old German woman on Spain’s Mallorca island.

Teenager Sexually Assaulted By Gang of Tourists

Police on the Mediterranean island said the alleged gang rape occurred in a hotel room in the popular tourist spot of Playa de Palma early Thursday. Five were arrested within hours and a sixth, who initially fled the scene, was arrested later in the day.

The men, all aged 20 or 21, are being held at police facilities and are expected before a judge on Saturday.

The complainant, also a German holidaymaker, told police she and a group of friends visited the Playa de Palma boulevard, popular with compatriots, where she met one of the suspects.

She said she went back to his hotel room, where the other five were drinking.

The victim said she tried to leave the room but was prevented from doing so by the occupants, according to her statement to police.

She was then allegedly raped by several of the detainees, a statement said.

The woman managed to flee the room and alerted the receptionist, who called the police.

Five of the arrested were at the hotel when police arrived.

Some people have commented that the “German tourists” don’t look “German.”

Mallorca is known for its Mediterranean beaches, wineries and nightlife, making it a top European tourist destination.

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