Moose Viciously Stomps On Man Walking Dogs

A moose in Coal Creek Canyon charged a passerby walking his dogs, knocked him down, and stomped on him, leaving the man with non-life-threatening injuries. Man and Dogs Attacked By Mother Moose Rob Standerwick, 58, of Coal Creek, said he and his dogs, Phantom and Magic, inadvertently surprised a moose and its baby after coming around a bend in the trail. Colorado Parks and Wildlife … Continue reading Moose Viciously Stomps On Man Walking Dogs

Dad Kills Elderly Sexual Abuser With Moose Antler

A father allegedly killed a sex offender with moose antlers, after learning the man was sexually abusing his young daughter. Father Against Daughter’s Sex Abuser According to court documents obtained by Fox News, a Minnesota father admitted to killing a convicted sex offender whom he believed had previously stalked his young daughter. The father reportedly used a moose antler to “finish him off.” According to … Continue reading Dad Kills Elderly Sexual Abuser With Moose Antler

Moose Attacks Idaho Snowmobiler

A moose attack was captured on camera when a group of snowmobilers in eastern Idaho had a close call. Strange Moose Attack Jeremiah Bigelow recounts that during their ride, a moose positioned itself between him and his brother. “Moments before I started filming, the moose charged us but stopped 20 feet from us,” Bigelow wrote on social media. He said he put his snow machine in reverse, … Continue reading Moose Attacks Idaho Snowmobiler